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Anxiety Treatment

Anxiety is a felt experience that will look different and nuanced for many of us. There are a plethora of various types of anxieties that are typically rooted in unresolved trauma in one’s past. That constant fear of the future, and lack of validation from others can cause you to feel disconnected from yourself and others.

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Anxiety communicates to you that you’re currently experiencing a lack of safety and connection. Being present in the moment starts with learning to sit with the flood of thoughts, nervousness and hesitancy that accompanies anxiety. Being present frees you from the over-analysis of yourself, other people, and situations. You just can’t calm yourself down and push your way through life. EMDR therapy can help you to learn to sit with the trauma tension that the body is storing as feelings of anxiety. It will subside as your capacity to sit with your discomfort expands. Trauma therapy is one big exhale. I can help you to learn to breathe deeply with the assistance of EMDR therapy.

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