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Men's Counseling

 Societal pressures and cultural norms contribute to men normalizing the suppression of their emotions and unresolved trauma. Most men are too ashamed to seek out help or even admit that they are struggling with their mental health. This notion that men have to be strong for everyone else and not slow down to feel and hold space to process their trauma in therapy, is what’s perpetuating the mental health stigma of many men. It doesn’t make someone less of a man if they are willing to engage and sit with all of their emotions, thoughts, and negative beliefs.


The research supports that men are hurting and at a loss with their unprocessed pain and thoughts. It’s staggering and concerning!


  • According the Center for Disease Control (2016), 75% of individuals who died by suicide are men.

  • 60% of men will experience a traumatic situation in life as opposed to 50% women.

  • Only about 36% of men in the U.S. receive mental health treatment.

  • 10% of men experience anxiety and depression on a daily basis.


Since EMDR therapy is a felt body experience therapy modality as opposed to traditional talk therapy, men who struggle with expressing their emotions and unresolved trauma relate well with it. There's very little talking involved during the processing phase. So men, let's connect!

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