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Marcken Volmy, LMHC, NCC

We have all struggled at some point.

Feelings of depression and anxiety can leave the best of us feeling overwhelmed and broken. 


I am here to help the clients I serve no matter what they are going through.

My clients can expect to connect with someone who will meet them right where they’re at as we navigate through life’s unexpected difficulties together.


I am an EMDR trained and certified trauma therapist with over 9 years of experience. As a licensed mental health counselor, I believe speaking to someone who is relatable, honest, caring, and non judgmental are necessary ingredients to help move past life’s myriad of obstacles.


My scope of practice involves helping people work through their trauma, anxious thoughts, and feelings of depression by incorporating EMDR therapy & EMDR intensives.

I support clients in Florida in several ways: (1) Adjunct EMDR therapy, (2) EMDR therapy, (3) EMDR Intensives

I look forward to journeying through

life’s challenges with you!

mental health counselor
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