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EMDR as Adjunct Therapy

I've spoken to countless number of clients and potential clients who've been in therapy for years and have hit a ceiling in their therapeutic progress. This can be quite disheartening for both client and therapist. The benefit of a therapist collaborating with an EMDR therapist, is that it can help to give a client the necessary push they need to surpass their treatment limitations. I work with primary therapists and their clients to assist them in targeting certain negative beliefs, body sensations, and memories with EMDR. Brief adjunct EMDR can help to accelerate progress time in traditional therapy so that client and primary therapist can further their ongoing work. 

Adjunct therapy is not meant to be an interruption or a replacement of ongoing therapy. It's nothing more than a supplement toward the ongoing work that client and primary therapist have already established. Adjunct therapy is short term (4-12 extended sessions) and helps to desensitize single incident trauma and phobias that can impede therapeutic progress. Treatment will be given in an intensive format. The success of treatment will be based on clearly defined goals for the EMDR therapist, along with collaboration with the primary therapist and client. Let's connect!

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