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You’re not happy with life.

There are moments that remind you that you’ll never have peace, nor be free of what’s troubling you.

You feel stuck or at a loss for words.

You appear to function well publicly, but privately you’re barely holding things together.

You feel overwhelmed.

You struggle to connect with friends and loved ones.

Tomorrow’s share of worries leaves you feeling anxious.

Vulnerability is terrifying and unnatural.

Trusting people seems so overrated.

You’ve carried your share of secrets for quite some time now.

You’ve tried to fix yourself on your own terms, but to no avail, you end up right back where you started.

You are at the end of your rope.

Life’s left you broken, struggling and desperate.

I am so glad you reached out. I can help you get to the bedrock of your deep rooted issues



We are a culmination of all of our life experiences, whether positive or negative. Trauma is often at the root of the anxiety and depression we experience.


Once we get to the bedrock of our traumatic issues, then we can begin to discover a sense of peace.  

Your journey starts here. 


Marcken Volmy

Licensed Mental Health Counselor, NCC

As a licensed mental health counselor, I believe speaking to someone who is relatable, honest, caring, and non judgmental is a necessary ingredient to help move past life’s myriad of obstacles.

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"Marcken is the reason I continue therapy. I have been unable to find someone I trust or feel that they actually understand or care about what I am experiencing. Marcken is always available, professional, and knowledgeable."